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Specifically addressing advertising on Real Estate Sales and Rentals, our standard practice is to display advertisments until the property is sold, leased or withdrawn, for a term of up to 180 days. To facilitate maintaining the currency of our advertisment list, we request all advertisers to notify us when the advertisement should be removed from the site.

Upon reaching the end of the term, if no such request, and no request to extend the display period, has been made, the advert will be automatically removed.

We remind users that there is no charge for extending the period of an advertisement. However, if an advertisment has been automatically removed at the end of the term and the advertiser requires the advertisment to be redisplayed, there will be a charge to cover the cost of recovery.

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The onus is on the advertiser to keep track of their own advertisement. We apologise if any advert is not current but we can take NO further responsibility if we are not informed of the status of an advertisement.

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